Recipe: Vietnamese Chicken River Powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Vietnamese Chicken River Powder


Pho Ga, the meaning of chicken powder in Vietnamese, Pho = powder, Ga = chicken, pronunciation and Cantonese are quite similar. I like to eat all the powdered sugar. When I was in Vietnam, I couldn’t stop it. Back home, homemade is not difficult~



  1. Light chicken rinsed, dried

  2. Put the whole chicken in a large pot, add water, and the amount of water has not passed the chicken. The fire broke out and turned to simmer.

  3. Wash the onion with clean dust, clip it with a clip, bake it on the stove (gas stove), and start to juice at the top (the skin will turn black). If you don't want to bake on fire, put the oven, 160 degrees and 45 minutes. It is limited to the top juice. Peel off the burnt portion of the surface and cook in the soup. The ginger pieces are treated in the same way, until the surface is blackened, peeled, and cooked in the soup.

  4. The white radish is peeled and cut into 10 cm long round pieces. Put it in the soup and cook it.

  5. The octagonal and glutinous seeds are placed in a non-oil pan and simmered in a simmer, and the aroma can be used. Be careful not to fry. The amount is small and it is easy to focus.

  6. Put the fried spices into the gauze bag of the squid soup, grab the seal and put it in the soup.

  7. Infiltrate all the ingredients in the soup and simmer for 2-3 hours. In fact, it can be theoretically for an hour and a half, but as a Cantonese people who love soup, they always like old fire, LOL. Put in rock sugar 15 minutes before the switch fire, cook until melted. Add the fish sauce and add a little bit of fish sauce to your favorite taste. If you feel that it is not salty enough, you can add a little salt (Note 1).

  8. Ready to serve. Burn a large amount of boiling water, put the half-pack of dried river powder into the soft body after the water is opened. When cooking, spread the washed and dried sprouts in the bowl. Or according to the packaging instructions, after all, each brand of river powder may have different characteristics. After soft ripening, remove it and pass the cold river (cold water/ice water). Put them in the bowl for spare.

  9. At this time the chicken has become very soft and bad. Take it out, tear it into thin strips and spread it on the river powder. After that, put a lot of green onion and a small amount of oil onion in the bowl.

  10. When you are ready, you can turn off the soup. Spoon the soup into the bowl. Put on the basil leaves. Mix the basil leaves and the soup while eating (Note 2).

  11. Squeeze the lime juice so that you can serve it. If you feel that the chicken is light, you can use the dip (Note 3).


1. If you add salt, I use Kosher Salt (the salt of Kosher) and it tastes a bit more natural. If not, sea salt or rock salt is also a good choice. The salt tastes too heavy, so be careful when adding it. 2. The basil leaves turn black when they are hot. For the sake of beauty, mix well with the hot soup while eating. 3. Generally, I like to use 1:1 fish sauce and hot water, add sugar + freshly ground black pepper + mix with pepper. It is also possible to apply soy sauce directly (with a light mouth soy sauce / steamed fish sauce / sushi soy sauce). 4. A 2 kg half light chicken can be made into a pot of about 3 liters of finished soup. We have two bowls of big stomach king and eat two meals. There is still a bit of chicken and soup left. 5. If the soup is to be left in the refrigerator, remove all the vegetables and spices. If you want to put it a little longer, it is best to sieve it once.

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