Recipe: Vietnam Locomotive

Home Cooking Recipe: Vietnam Locomotive


I went to eat the locomotive soup powder last night and sold it out. I bought a beef bone and made it invincible today. I used a bowl of powder for ten minutes and finished eating it. Haha didn’t take the step chart this time. See the bottom tips during fitness and fat loss



  1. Bovine bone marrow bleeding water (about 1-2 hours). Wash the bovine bones, cool the water pot, boil for 3 minutes, boil the impurities and froth and turn off the heat. Pour off the water, rinse the beef bones, add a pot of water to the pot, the amount of water is more, and the soup will become less. Add a bundle of shallots, 6 and 7 slices of ginger, and peppercorns. (It will be more convenient to put in the seasoning package, the soup is also relatively clean.) After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire, cover the lid for 2-3 hours (small fire but keep the bubbling buzzing, the fire is not too big, Otherwise the soup will become very small)

  2. I have left half of the broth for the good beef bone soup, and the other half is the soup head of the locomotive powder. Put the chopped large onions and ginger in the pan, stir fry until the scent is on the medium heat, and pour into the soup. Peppercorns aniseed cinnamon is also sautéed into the soup. Then 煲 1-2 hours. Season the amount of black pepper, salt, and fish sauce.

  3. After seasoning, keep a small fire and start preparing the powdered material. Another pot of water to boil. I bought the wet powder, and it will take 3 minutes to cook in the pot. The boiled powder is picked up and laid on the bottom of the bowl. The bean sprouts and the lettuce are cooked, and the code is on the river powder. Beef rolls can be placed directly on the river powder and poured with hot boiled bone soup. If you like to cook some cooked meat, you can boil the beef and cook it in a bowl.

  4. The beef bone soup is transferred to the medium heat, and the boiling soup is poured on the river powder. Put some coriander, small red pepper rings, and peanuts. Cut a quarter of the lemon next to it. Before you eat, you can try the rich beef bone soup, then squeeze the lemon juice and mix well.


If you reduce the oil intake during fat loss and fitness, you can cool the soup and put it in the refrigerator. When the soup is solidified, scrape off the upper layer of oil and heat the soup below.

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