Recipe: Verbasin mixed with walnuts - perfect taste

Home Cooking Recipe: Verbasin mixed with walnuts - perfect taste


Bitter chrysanthemum, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, eyesight. Walnut, sweet, warm, into the kidney, raise the lungs. New Year's Eve is inevitably big fish, and occasionally eating vegetarian food, let the body's digestive system readjust it is not bad! Mainly, in order to continue to eat and drink ~ hahahaha~ Bitter chrysanthemum and walnut are really super good, I know how much I have eaten after eating!



  1. 1. After washing the bitter chrysanthemum, it must be drained thoroughly.

  2. 2, bitter chrysanthemum can be torn into pieces by hand, can also be cut with a knife, length and length.

  3. 3, walnut peeled, smashed small pieces.

  4. 4, add olive oil, apple cider vinegar, a little salt and sugar, the right amount of white sesame can be.


Healthy olive oil adds more nutrients to simple ingredients. Apple vinegar is absolutely fragrant, if not, you can add a little white vinegar. Be sure to add salt and other seasonings before eating, otherwise the bitter chrysanthemum will quickly collapse. Don't be afraid of a lot, just a little more than a mix~

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