Recipe: Vegetable mix with soba noodles (Jamie Oliver)

Home Cooking Recipe: Vegetable mix with soba noodles (Jamie Oliver)


The practice comes from Jamie Oliver. In fact, it is really Chinese food.... I didn’t want to write recipes only, but I thought it was worthwhile to do it...hiahia4 people



  1. Ginger garlic is minced, put in a small bowl, add soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and a little pepper, mix and serve.

  2. Cut cabbage into thick strips, broccoli simmered in small pieces, simmer for 3 minutes with water, and put peas in the last minute. Cook the noodles, put them in a large bowl with the vegetables, add 1 and mix well.

  3. Fry the eggs to your favorite cookedness, cover them on the surface, serve with spicy sauce, or your favorite sauce.


I use the no-boiled cold soba noodles this time, soaked in water without a hard core, it is quite convenient, and it will not stick together after draining for a long time~~ You can try it~

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