Recipe: Vegetable ham lazy instant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Vegetable ham lazy instant noodles


Very easy to use for instant noodles made by lazy people



  1. Slice or shred the cucumber, as you like; cut the tomatoes; cut the ham

  2. Soak the noodles first with hot water, who will be poured after soaking

  3. Add the chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and ham to the noodles, and season with a proper amount of instant noodles.

  4. Beat an egg in the middle

  5. Add boiled water (must be hot), hot boiled water should be washed on the eggs, while punctuating the eggs that form the poached egg, cover the lid, and then you can eat it after five minutes. Hot and sour fungus is bought, it is delicious to mix it directly.


In the third step: Since a lot of materials have been added, it is enough to add some seasoning packets, otherwise the taste of the ingredients will be covered up by the seasonings. You can also add seasonings, add some bean paste or add some salt and pepper to taste.

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