Recipe: Vanilla snail

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla snail


Sniffing snails before the Ching Ming Festival. Auntie is a native of Yunnan. When I saw the fried snails, I picked the fragrant leaves in the yard. Among them, there were fold roots (Houttuynia cordata) and mint. I drank some dried basil leaves that were dried last year and put them together. Midao customs clearance. The daughter took the first time to eat the snails, and used the root toothpick to poke the meat there. Tell her: You are half a Shanghai native. If you grow up with a toothpick, others will laugh at you.



  1. After the snails are bought, they are washed and cut ass. If you are annoyed, people who buy snails will help.

  2. From the pan, put ginger, garlic, vanilla leaves

  3. Drain the water with a snail, stir fry in the pan, cook in the cooking wine, under the white sugar, and under the soy sauce.

  4. Add some water to snail the snail


When I was a child, my mother bought it, and I would put it in the water for a day. This is relatively clean. The snails are generally eaten before the Ching Ming Festival, and there are fewer children in the belly.

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