Recipe: Vanilla cream filling (Jun's revision ~ delicate and flawless)

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla cream filling (Jun's revision ~ delicate and flawless)


I have reduced some sugar in the formula of Jun, and modified the production steps. It is even simpler and will not be produced at all!



  1. Prepare a non-stick milk pan.

  2. All materials except whipped cream are mixed evenly and sieved again. If you don't want to sift, stir evenly without powder particles.

  3. Heat the small fire and keep stirring (not lazy) until there is grain and leave the fire immediately. Remember to have a grain! It will become thicker after cooling!

  4. Don't stop stirring after leaving the fire. You don't have to sit on ice water, as long as you remember to stir it a few minutes to give a little heat to the paste and not let the surface of the shell.

  5. The vanilla filling is whipped in the process of cooling (the sugar in the square is used up without adding it!) to a semi-flowing state, don't hit too hard.

  6. Mix the cooled paste with the whipped cream. You don't have to worry about the batter being smashed. The hot milk is so boring!


This is my experience of making vanilla stuffing and sharing with everyone, I hope everyone can make a delicate and flawless vanilla cream filling! Remember to hand in your homework!

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