Recipe: Vanilla cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla cookies


Rosemary, dried lavender biscuits, no added powder, baking powder, more natural.



  1. Butter softened and powdered sugar, egg beater sent to Peng Song

  2. Add the egg liquid in 3-4 times, and mix the butter thoroughly every time.

  3. Sift in low powder, mix well into dough, if loose, add a little egg liquid

  4. 2 bowls, mixed with rosemary, dried lavender, made into dough

  5. Put it in a fresh-keeping bag and knead it into a desired shape, cuboid or cylinder, and freeze it in the freezer for 1 hour.

  6. Slice into the baking pan and the inner layer of the oven for 160 minutes and 18 minutes until the biscuit is light yellow.


1. The original 50g sugar ms is not sweet enough, 370g powder is more, if the dough is loose, you can add some egg liquid. 2. I did not put vanilla extract, soda powder and hair powder, it is more natural, the biscuit is not so crisp. 3. The temperature can also be increased by 20 degrees slightly. If the temperature is 180 degrees, the time can be shortened. Look at the temperature suitable for your own oven and adjust it slightly. 4. Rosemary sticks I cut with scissors. If there is a stirrer to stir the powder, it should be good.

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