Recipe: Vanilla Caska sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla Caska sauce


The taste used to make the puff filling is very delicate and smooth. My husband likes sweetness. So I put a little more sugar. I also used some sugar when I used whipping cream. This is based on my own preference.



  1. The milk is poured into the pot and the fire is boiling. When there is a vanilla pod, the vanilla pods are added to the milk and boiled. I don't have a vanilla pod at home, so this step only cooks the milk, and the vanilla extract is added later. The following steps can be taken while taking the time to cook the milk.

  2. Stir the egg yolk with sugar until the egg yolk is white. I stirred it for 5 minutes, too lazy.

  3. Sift the corn starch into the mixture and mix well. The paste will be very sticky at this time.

  4. Now, the milk is also cooked. Add the milk to the yolk paste three times, and mix it evenly every time. At this time, because of the addition of milk, the thick paste will become very thin, don't worry, follow the steps and continue to do it.

  5. Pour all the above mixture back into the milk pot, re-open the simmer and cook while stirring. You will find that the mixture slowly begins to thicken and become thicker. To prevent the paste or cake, you must keep it. Stirring. This thickening process seems to be called gelatinization. In short, when the liquid becomes ambiguous, quickly get out of the fire.

  6. Add the butter while stirring and continue to stir well.

  7. Pour in the right amount of vanilla extract. This time, I fell down casually, and tasted it while I was down. I will measure it again when I do it next time.

  8. The prepared vanilla Caska sauce will be very viscous, it doesn't matter, first cover the plastic wrap and put it into the refrigerator to cool down.

  9. Light cream is sent to 60% to 70%. If you like sweetness, you can add some sugar to it.

  10. Add the whipped cream to the vanilla Caska sauce three times, and mix it carefully every time you add it.

  11. Vanilla Caska sauce mixed with whipped cream will be very sweet, smooth and smooth. It can be stored in the refrigerator for free, but not more than two or three days. It is very delicious for wiping cakes.

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