Recipe: Vanilla baked potato wedges

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla baked potato wedges


One day on the street, I saw that selling small potatoes, one yuan a pound is very cheap, one by one, super cute, As a senior mini controller, I am sorry for not buying it. So I picked some round, some ovals to buy home. The rounded sauce made of small potatoes, spicy small potatoes and pan-fried potato cakes. The ellipse cuts the small potato wedges, so cute~ Sprinkled a lot of rosemary, charming, soft and delicious. It is very suitable for small snacks after dinner. Watching a TV, drinking tea or something, how comfortable.



  1. Small potatoes are washed and rubbed with scrap tin foil

  2. Cut into small pieces after half-cut, sprinkle with herbs, salt and olive oil.

  3. Spread the tin foil on the baking tray, drain the potato chips, spread them out, do not overlap

  4. The oven is preheated to 200 degrees and the middle layer of the small fire is 20 minutes.


Potato skins are poisonous, it is best to remove them. It is too troublesome to go. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you eat them. The type of vanilla is added according to the taste. It is also good to sprinkle some chillies and peppers.

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