Recipe: Vanilla

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla



  1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C;

  2. Butter cut 1cm small pieces for refrigeration;

  3. Mix material A and sieve it;

  4. The vanilla pods are cut in half, and the vanilla seeds are scraped out to the sieved A, and the frozen butter pieces are placed;

  5. First use a finger to flatten the butter block, and then use both hands to rub until the butter is finely divided;

  6. Pour 2⁄3 of whipped cream, mix with a spatula, observe the dough, pour the remaining cream in the place with dry flour, and mix until the scraper can cut;

  7. After the dough is thoroughly mixed, the dough is taken out from the container, and the hands are pressed into a dough;

  8. The dough is flattened and cut, and then overlapped and then pressed and cut, repeated 2 to 3 times;

  9. The overlapping dough is formed into a 1.5 cm thick rectangle to divide the dough;

  10. The divided dough is placed on the baking sheet of the baking paper, the surface is brushed with milk, placed in the middle layer of the oven which has been preheated, and fired for 15-18 minutes. The surface color and the dough height are observed. According to the condition of the oven. Adjust the time;

  11. After being discharged from the oven, the heat is released on the rack and sealed in time.


1. Summer butter softens quickly. Please freeze and then lick. If the butter melts during the simmering process, put the mixture in the refrigerator for a while and then operate. 2. Pay attention to the method of mixing and folding the dough to prevent it. Out of the bar.

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