Recipe: Unique secret sauce trotters

Home Cooking Recipe: Unique secret sauce trotters


Dad's unique secret, the sauce trotters made no oily smell, and the special method of firing, the pig's trotters made are particularly popular. The small spoon mentioned below is the spoon (teaspoon) used for salting, which is about 3-5 grams. The big spoon is the spoon (spoon) that is usually used for soup, which is about 10-15 grams. Because everyone's taste is different, so please adjust according to your own taste. A little is about the amount you pinch with your index finger and thumb. WeChat public number: Xiaoyu private kitchen. Update your private menu daily. Sina Weibo: Tong Xiaoyu



  1. 1. Wash the pig's trotters first, then use a chopsticks to string them over, set them on the gas stove, and bake them to the surface of the skin.

  2. 2, put the roasted pig's trotters into the warm water, not hot, you can not have the pig's trotters, soak for 30 minutes

  3. 3. Use a knife to scrape off the surface of the roasting black surface of the pig's trotters and scrape it off. After the treatment, the pig's trotters have no oily smell.

  4. 4, put the processed pig's trotters into a cold water pot, boil the water in a big fire, cook for 3 minutes, there will be a lot of floating foam boiled out, the pig's hooves will be fished out, be careful not to get the foam.

  5. 5, pour the oil in the wok, the fire will heat the pot, then put all the stewed meat into the pot and stir fry, after smelling the scent, put the trotters, then pour the boiling water, must be boiling water, the cold water is absolutely not Yes, remember. The water has not passed the pig's trotters and is higher than the two knuckles.

  6. 6, cover the lid, the fire will boil the water, then turn to low heat for 1 hour. Then add seasonings other than salt, taste the salty, and add some salt according to your taste. Cover it for about half an hour. If the water becomes too small in the middle, you can add water, but you can't add cold water.

  7. 7, the cooked pig's trotters are fished out and cut into small pieces, eaten after cooling, full of taste, taste and tendons.


There are two ways to deal with this latter half hour. One is to stop adding water. When the fire is burned until the basic soup is dried, the pig's trotters are cooked. You can also simmer and keep the soup in a small fire. Don't throw away the cooked trotters soup. You can freeze it and keep the noodles to eat. It's delicious.

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