Recipe: Ume Tremella Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ume Tremella Soup


Every woman should fall in love with white fungus. It is the most easygoing companion Can match any material you can think of As it looks like A pair of marrying chickens with the chickens and a gentle temper with the dog Can appear with any taste you like Sweet and salty Sour spicy Cold hot . . . . Ren Junxuan Just in this moment, I love this mouth. Need to be very soft, thick and thick, regardless of each other Otherwise it will be more lonely. The acidity of the ebony mountain is combined with the sweetness of Li Guangxing. Natural and layered taste At this point, I will be a little bit sweeter after I have more pieces of rock sugar. It is the least skillful dessert Slow fire and patience This is all the cheats. Jia Ni finally waited for the person who wanted to say "I am willing" Have a happy and sad feeling Real love needs to wait Anyone can say that I love you. But not everyone can wait for you Just like the white fungus soup Many people love to drink But few people will bear the temper to go But the soft and moist taste is based on patience. Waiting for the way you want it Turn off the fire, let you be at your mercy Choose a gorgeous party You can also choose a small day. Can be used as breakfast, add dessert, sugar water Suitable for all ages It is such an easygoing but not degenerate Many people like Jia Ni Think about her, she is a white fungus. Gentle and delicate, elegant and intellectual Can appear in any state Can be cooked in any way Can be used with any kind of material Supporting the protagonist Give people warmth without losing themselves It seems that the cave is wearing everything, but it is also the sea. Say the strongest words in the softest voice Not arrogant, but no substitute This should be the great wisdom of the world. In fact, what I need to live is just such a bowl of white fungus soup. Summer ice food, cold and hot food Wisdom but easygoing



  1. Tremella foam shredded and water together into the casserole

  2. Add everything else you want to put in the pot

  3. Boy slow stew, patient love, tolerance

  4. As long as you don’t cook it, you can turn off the fire when you think it’s right.

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