Recipe: Tuna rice ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Tuna rice ball



  1. Rice: water = 300:380 risotto, simmered rice in a wood basin

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  3. Tuna + sesame oil mixed well, used to cook rice balls

  4. Take about 40-50g of rice, press it by hand, press it into a round cake, add a spoonful of tuna stuffing, then take 30-40g of rice, cover it with a round cake, and tighten with both hands.

  5. While holding the rice ball, spin it until you feel that the rice will be loosened, then put your fingers together and put your thumbs together to separate the rice balls into triangles.

  6. Cut a piece of seaweed and pack a part of the rice ball.


The rice-raising group must be hot, otherwise the cold rice will not easily stick together~ If you feel that the rice is very sticky, then put some vinegar in your hand~ This will not stick~ Parents don't try to adjust their own salt and vinegar water~ It's troublesome and easy to fail~ Or buy a ready-made one to save trouble~ pinch haha

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