Recipe: Tuna peas tip salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Tuna peas tip salad


2 minutes of fast hand cooking, changing a refrigerator trick



  1. Boil the water, pour the peas, turn the water, turn off the water after 20-30 seconds, turn the peas over the cold water, remove the water and squeeze out the water. Cut the small plate.

  2. Two spoonfuls of tuna from the cans are placed on the tip of the pea. You can sprinkle some salt properly.


In the spirit of a healthy meal, I didn't put any spices on the dish. I don't like the tuna. It's enough. If you don't like the smell of peas, you can put some vinegar juice before you look at the kitchen. There is a very good hand shake mustard juice. Should be very good with the pea tip can try

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