Recipe: Tuna pasta with green salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Tuna pasta with green salad


The weather turned hot, and cooking against the stove slowly became a physical activity. What's more, a healthy diet is rarely a cooking process. Because I am a student, I want to find some simple but healthy ways to save time and meet my physical needs. This salad can also be prepared at one time, stored in a crisper, and taken out from the refrigerator every day. (In fact, it is a good choice for people who lose weight)



  1. Steamed broccoli

  2. Choose a favorite pasta, cook in the pan, and use cold water for spare

  3. Tomato, cucumber cut into pieces

  4. The tuna is torn into pieces, and then all the materials in 1.2.3 are mixed in a large container.

  5. Let's make an Italian traditional cold dish seasoning. The ratio of olive oil to vinegar is 3:1. Add a little mustard (yellow), add salt, black pepper, and mix well with a spoon to make the vinegar and olive oil blend well.

  6. Finally, pour the freshly prepared juice onto the vegetables and mix well.

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