Recipe: Toon ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon ribs



  1. Peel the toon, cut small pieces, and wash the ribs

  2. The ribs are washed with water and turned white. Soak for 20 minutes with water and change the water several times. The ribs on the picture are obviously whiter.

  3. Marinate the ribs for twenty minutes with ginger, minced garlic, cooking wine, soy sauce, white sugar, oyster sauce, and vegetable oil.

  4. At the time of steaming, mix the ribs with some dried cornstarch. Wrap the ribs in a thin layer of starch

  5. The taro is sprinkled with salt for 5 minutes, and the hot oil in the pan is fried and cooked. (It was delicious to be fried, but try to use fried)

  6. Sautéed scallions on a plate and topped with a large spoonful of salad oil, half a spoonful of soy sauce and half a teaspoon of sugar-soaked sauce

  7. Because the steamed bread is more oily, it is better to put more oil.

  8. Spread the ribs marinated and mixed with starch and put the red pepper

  9. Boil the pot, put the steamed pork ribs, cover the lid, and keep steaming for 10 minutes.


1. The process of ribs is because there is no boiled water to boil blood. Therefore, the professional chef is constantly flushing with water, and flushing out the blood in the ribs. When we save water, we use water, and we need to change the water several times until the flesh color turns white. Because it is treated by steaming, it is necessary to remove the blood and water color before it will be beautiful. 2. Wrap a thin layer of starch on the ribs. Adding starch can make the ribs more smooth and tender. 3. Steaming time, keep it on fire for 10 minutes. (The ribs should be cut into small pieces, and they should be laid flat on the plate. Do not stack them, otherwise the stacked ribs will not be cooked.) The ribs are the same as the pork. They are the most tender when they are cooked, or they are stewed for a long time, but they are the hardest in the middle.

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