Recipe: Toon mutton slices

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon mutton slices


The citron made a rare dish for the emperor!



  1. The first step: prepare 500 grams of lamb's hind leg meat slices to wash. (must be the lamb's hind leg)

  2. Add medium heat and flax oil (canola oil), then add ginger slices.

  3. Add the mutton slices and medium heat to the fire. Add salt, white pepper, pepper noodles, Haitian soy sauce, Haoji chicken essence and MSG. Small fire stir fry!

  4. When frying until there is no water (remember not to paste the pot), add a spoonful of water (about 100 grams) and turn the fire!

  5. Add garlic, green pepper slices, and then stir fry with potato flour (20 seconds to 30 seconds). Note that it is a fire!

  6. Add chili powder and secret spices to stir fry, add garlic to the season, slowly add more fire stir fry! Out of the pot (add some parsley)

  7. Remarks: The fragrant mutton slices should be noted: 1. The mutton must be the lamb's hind leg meat 2. The grasp of the heat is the key 3. The chili pepper can not be spicy, the kind of pepper that is colored. 4. Be careful not to paste the pot. 5. The garlic can't be put too early!

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