Recipe: Toon Lily

Home Cooking Recipe: Toon Lily


This is the signature dish of a restaurant that was popular in Xiamen. It tastes great. However, over the past decade or so, things have been wrong, the restaurant's business has gone from bad to worse, and its taste is not as good as before. I want to retrieve the memories of the past, and it is easy to do it at home. Pay attention to the addition of some scallops or dried shrimps. Ginkgo biloba and lotus seeds (cooked in advance) can also be added. It is recommended to use the roasted peanuts and water as a peanut pulp to make a soup base. Here is only the simplest lazy practice, but also the purest taste.



  1. The taro is cut into diced, the fresh lily is washed, and the simmered water is washed and drained for use.

  2. Peanut pulp (water can also be boiled) add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 spoonful of salt, and dip two tablespoons of peanut butter to open. Then put in the taro and simmer and cook thoroughly.

  3. Pour in a half-can or a can of three-flowered milk, then add fresh lily to cook until the lily is cooked, and finally add MSG/salt/sugar to try again.


The taste of the light milk is very good and will increase the silky feel. If there is no light milk on hand, use whipped cream and milk. Sugar must be added and fresh.

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