Recipe: Tongueed pasta sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Tongueed pasta sauce


Tongue swallowing? A good taste name! But this sauce is really delicious so that you can swallow your tongue together. The certifier is the husband. He used to eat the Italian bolognese noodles. He always dismissed it. Today, he even added a sauce. After he finished, he took away half of me! ! So proud, happy, ^_^



  1. Garlic peeled and stalked to the end of the stalk;

  2. Heat the pot, boil the vegetable oil, and sauté the minced garlic

  3. After the garlic is scented, the onion is sautéed and stir-fried. Add about 20g of butter in the middle and melt. Stir-fry the mixture of onions and butter until the dead, the color becomes transparent

  4. The beef simmer continues to stir fry until the beef mash has almost completely evaporated, and the scent is forced out.

  5. Poke the beef mixture in the pan to reveal a portion of the oily pan, pour all the tomato sauce at once, stir fry for a while

  6. Cook over low heat, about ten minutes, add some water in the middle, about a small bowl

  7. Cover the lid and cook for about 50 minutes, so that the sauce is perfectly combined with the meat.

  8. Sprinkle the appropriate amount of dried celery and dried basil 5 minutes before the pot

  9. After sprinkling with celery and basil, continue to cover for 5 minutes, turn off the flame, put 2 pieces of cheese into the cheese, melt it with the remaining temperature, and mix with the meat sauce.

  10. After the plate is loaded, sprinkle a little celery, basil, cheese powder on the surface.


When you stir fry the beef, you must not cut the shovel and cut it in the pan, and spread the beef simmer. Otherwise, the beef simmered into the pan and the heat is shrunk into a sloppy taste. After adding the tomato sauce, also cut the pot several times. After the sauce is cooked, you can't see the onions and minced garlic, so cut them carefully before. When I saw the onion, I basically became a scorpion. Thanks to I bought an auxiliary tool at IKEA, I was specializing in the delicious weapon of onion! This Italian meat sauce contains no sugar. Because I am using the McGee diet, I can't eat sugar. I can only eat low GI food. Pasta is the best low GI food. But be careful, every meal can't exceed 100g, be careful that this sauce is too good to eat too much! ! !

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