Recipe: Tomato, white mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato, white mushroom


I have been burning tomatoes and zucchini before. I bought a dish and saw the white jade mushroom yesterday. I can also try it. The stuff of tomato must be very likable, sour and sweet, everyone loves it.



  1. Wash tomatoes, white mushrooms and sweet corn. Tomato diced, white jade mushroom roots, sweet corn peeled off one by one (more patience, skill is caught, in fact, it is better to peel, really do not want to peel off with a knife can also be cut, but such corn It’s broken.)

  2. Hot pot, pour oil. After the oil is hot, put the tomato into the pot and stir-fry. After a while, the tomato will be out of the juice. When frying, the tomato can be chopped with a shovel, so that the juice is faster.

  3. Stir fry for about 3 minutes, pour in white mushroom and corn, stir fry together, stir well, add white tomato and corn kernels to the sauce and cover the lid. Stuff for about 5 minutes. (Because the lid is opened, the tomato sauce will be fried and fried, steamed with steam, and there is still a lot of sauce after boiling.)

  4. After the pot is opened, the smell of the sweet tomato is tangled, put the right amount of sugar and stir fry, and then add the appropriate amount of salt to stir fry. You can taste the taste. If you feel that the tomato taste is not strong enough, you can put some tomato sauce to enhance the tomato flavor according to your personal preference. Then just go out!


Tomatoes are nutritious and delicious. Sweet corn is sweet and delicious. Mushrooms are rich in fiber and nutritious. This dish is definitely a favorite of children. Of course, the white jade mushrooms inside can also be replaced with other mushrooms, such as oyster mushrooms, crab mushroom, seafood mushrooms, mushrooms.

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