Recipe: Tomato stir-fried cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato stir-fried cabbage



  1. Preparation materials: cabbage (only used half) After washing, shredded and drained water, the bottom of the tomato is cut into 2 knives, then the water is boiled for a while, peeled and cut into thin slices, and the garlic is flattened.

  2. Hot oil pan, sautéed garlic, put into the cabbage and stir-fry to soft body

  3. Bring the cabbage to the side and put in a few stir-fried tomatoes.

  4. Mix the tomato and the cabbage with the stir-fry (my tomato is too small, I don't feel enough, so add some ketchup), stir fry until all the ingredients are soft and cooked.

  5. I like soft taste, so it takes a long time to fry. If you like refreshing, you can shorten the time of cooking.


1: Cabbage is rich in nutrients, cheap, clean and easy to clean, it is recommended to eat more; 2: The whole cooking process keeps the fire; 3: There is no need to add water, because the process of frying will have moisture out of the cabbage and the tomato; 4: If you like a refreshing friend, you can just fry the cabbage until it is broken. If you like soft taste like me, just extend the time of cooking and fry the dish to soft body.

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