Recipe: Tomato stewed beef tendon (fast method)

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato stewed beef tendon (fast method)


When I have ample time, I will cook this dish over a small fire. Compared to the fast method, of course, the slow-cooked soup is thick and more tasty, but for office workers, it is too hasty to go to work at night, and cooking time is not sufficient. So the quick method is very suitable, it is very simple, and the taste is great! Did not take pictures during the cooking process, the photo will be added next time!



  1. The water in the pot is boiled, the tendon is washed and cut into pieces, and it is boiled in a pot for about one minute to go to the blood and fish out.

  2. Pour the beef tendon into the pressure cooker, add ginger soy sauce, taste very fresh soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, salt, add boiled water without beef tendons, and cover the pressure cooker lid.

  3. Cook over high heat, cook the oil in a pressure cooker and simmer for half an hour. After the time is over, turn off the fire, add the onion tomato into the pot, cook for 15 minutes on the fire (without cover), and finally add the onion.

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