Recipe: Tomato scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato scrambled eggs



  1. Pour the eggs into a bowl, add the right amount of salt and a little cooking wine, a little pepper

  2. Use an egg beater to quickly whipped the egg liquid until the egg is slightly smeared and there is more foam.

  3. Wash the tomatoes, cut them into the appropriate size, and cut them into small pieces from the middle of the petals.

  4. Put more oil in the pot, shake the wok, let the bottom of the pot evenly distribute a layer of oil, and heat the oil in a big fire.

  5. When the oil starts to smoke, quickly pour all the egg liquid along the side of the pot.

  6. At this time, you can see that the heated eggs quickly expand and become fluffy. After most of the egg liquid has solidified, immediately turn the eggs over with a shovel. Then you can find that the eggs are still expanding, turn off the fire immediately, and shovel the eggs into small with a shovel. After the block

  7. There is still some oil in the pot after the egg is fried. Use the base oil to add tomatoes.

  8. Stir the tomatoes on the fire until you see the tomatoes start to broth

  9. Put in the fried eggs, continue to stir fry, fully flip the tomatoes and eggs evenly, before the soup from the tomatoes has been absorbed by the eggs

  10. Turn off the fire first, then add a little sugar and a little salt, turn it evenly before you go out.


Tomato scrambled eggs are a common home-cooked dish. Basic homes will do it. The delicious tomato scrambled eggs are actually very simple, but they can't be sloppy from raw materials to production. 1, pick a tomato To make the eggs taste a rich tomato flavor, the tomato is very important without the tomato sauce. My experience is that the tomato used to make tomato scrambled eggs must be ripe. When picking, pick the round shape. Don't pick the bottom or the corners. The color should be red. Just click it. It feels a bit soft, so the taste of the tomato is enough. It is best to cut into pieces when cutting, so that you can get more tomato juice water. 2, beat the eggs When playing eggs, be sure to use full force whipping. It is best to use the egg beater to beat the eggs to a lot of foam, and fill the egg with air so that the eggs can be more fluffy after being fried. Because the air present in the egg liquid, after the heat, the air overflows, a lot of pores will be formed in the fried egg pieces. At this time, the egg is like a sponge, which not only absorbs the oil well, but also becomes smooth and smooth. It can also fully absorb the juice of the tomatoes to make the eggs taste full. Otherwise, the egg can't absorb the tomato soup repeatedly, then your tomato scrambled egg will be a plate of juice, and the egg will also be greatly reduced in taste and taste because it can't absorb enough tomato juice. So remember to whet your eggs with full force. If you don't have an egg beater, you can use three chopsticks instead. 3, frying When scrambled eggs, the oil must not be less. I have been cooking for so many years. The experience of eggs tells me that if you use very little oil, the egg is fried and it feels like a glimpse. There is no soft and tender taste, and the amount of fried food looks very little. . The oil of two eggs is about 4~6 tablespoons. The egg is not fragrant, so it is not soft. Appropriate use of oil will not only make the fried eggs more fluffy, but also make the two eggs look like three. The taste of the eggs will be better and the taste will be better. More oil is the key to ensure that the eggs quickly expand inside the pot and produce more pores to fully absorb the tomato juice. But don't try to drain the oil, so that the eggs absorb too much oil will become very greasy, and Where are the extra parts of the oil-filled eggs that do not absorb the soup? The oil must be very hot and then fry the eggs in the pan. The egg liquid should be poured quickly and in large quantities, so that the eggs will be more fluffy. Turn off the eggs and then smash the eggs, otherwise the eggs will get old after being heated for too long. If you want to get more juice when you fry the tomato, you can press the tomato properly, if you don't mind the tomato's selling. I myself like to sauté the tomato. I feel that it is enough to taste it. After the tomato is fried, it is a good time to add the egg. The egg is like a sponge. The absorption of tomato juice, so that the eggs taste delicious. There is also a process of fire that always has to be more prosperous~ 4, seasoning I think eating tomato scrambled eggs is about paying attention to the original flavor. Some people add ketchup to make the taste more intense. Some people like to add some onions or garlic, which are personal preferences. Personally feel that it is not quite right to eat like that, it always feels a bit strange. I only like to use tomatoes and eggs, because my favorite tomato scrambled eggs are delicious, sweet and sour. Put some salt and pepper when you beat the eggs. Don't add MSG. Adding MSG will destroy the savory taste of the eggs. Adding cooking wine can make the fried eggs more soft. The fried tomatoes will be sour, and the individual prefers a bit of sweetness, so it will add a little bit of sugar to neutralize the sour taste. I don’t like it. The most important thing is that you must first turn off the fire, then put the seasoning, use the waste heat to stir evenly and then out of the pot. If you add spices first, when you eat, the tomatoes and eggs must be soaked in the soup. The amount of good tomato scrambled egg soup should be appropriate. After seasoning, the fried tomato will continue to release the juice. After the egg is full, the remaining juice will remain in the dish. This part of the soup is used for bibimbap. That is quite delicious~ There is also the ratio of tomato to egg. Generally speaking, it is best to match two eggs with two medium-sized tomatoes. The tomato is not enough flavor, the tomato is too much, so the juice is too much, and the egg flavor is not enough. PS: After finishing these, I really have to vomit blood. The above is the personal experience of doing this dish, I think that it is very simple to master these few key to make delicious tomato scrambled eggs. However, the habits or tastes of each family may be different, so my experience is only for reference.

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