Recipe: Tomato scrambled egg rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato scrambled egg rice bowl


I have almost no tomato scrambled eggs when I was at home. I didn’t expect to turn over to become the best meal when I was lazy in a few years~~ I like to use as much hot as possible to fry the coke-flavored eggs, add a little bit of sugar after the tomato, sour and sweet, wrap the old eggs tightly, absorb the full tomato juice, and every bite is endless~~ ~



  1. Put the eggs in a dry empty bowl, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, and mix thoroughly until it is scattered. There are countless small foams in the egg liquid, which can not be lifted with chopsticks. Tomato cut into small pieces in crescent shape

  2. Put the oil in the pot, after the heat, shake the pot and let the wall of the pot hang a circle of oil.

  3. Pour the egg mixture, shake the pot, let the egg liquid spread on the bottom of the pot and the wall of the pot, until the bottom color is golden, then turn over, continue to fry until golden, then shovel with a shovel

  4. Put the eggs out for spare, leave a little oil in the pot

  5. After boiling, add the tomato, fry until it is out of water, smash with a shovel, add 1/2 spoonful of sugar, a little salt

  6. When the tomato is half-baked but still somewhat lumpy, pour in the egg and mix well until the egg is absorbed in the tomato sauce.


1. Be sure to break up when you beat the eggs. 2, try to retain the moisture when cutting the tomato. 3, the oil in the pot is more, the oily hot eggs will be more fragrant. Use hot oil to cook the pan before entering the egg. 4, the tomato is first smashed with hot fried fragrant. 5, this method is only suitable for children's shoes that like to eat fried old eggs, like to eat fried eggs, American scrambled eggs children's shoes do not try ~

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