Recipe: Tomato sauce, crab mushroom, rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato sauce, crab mushroom, rice bowl


If I have the opportunity to open a private kitchen in the future.



  1. Crab-flavored mushrooms to roots, green peppers to ribs, ham diced, tomato diced, onion and minced

  2. Add a small amount of oil in the pot, add diced green onion, add tomato and stir fry

  3. Add crab-flavored mushrooms, ham, and corn in turn. Add a small amount of tomato sauce.

  4. Cover and stew for 3 minutes, add green peppers in the middle

  5. Add salt and a small amount of sugar before the pan.


Do not add water during the stewing process, rely solely on the juice from the tomato to cook.

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