Recipe: Tomato pesto roasted chicken leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato pesto roasted chicken leg


There is no need to marinate the roast chicken legs, because the lower half of the tomato juice exudation will be a bit like a stew. The recipe is from @庄祖宜. After roasting, each of the ingredients is soft and delicious, the chicken legs are crispy and the meat is tender and stewed. TIPs: 1. It is best to use a deep baking pan or baking pan at the bottom. I use a cast iron pan. 2. The amount of chicken legs and the amount of vegetables should be covered by the bottom of the pot. The chicken legs should be placed as close as possible. 3. Preheat the oven at 175 °C.



  1. Wash the chicken legs, use the kitchen paper to absorb the water, and place the more side of the chicken skin upside down on the bottom of the pot.

  2. Basil is sliced ​​and placed in a pot, try not to cover the chicken legs.

  3. The small tomato is cut in half and stuffed into the gap between the chicken legs. Garlic removes the outer skin (no need to peel the skin separately), and even the skin is placed. Try not to cover the chicken legs and place them under the chicken legs.

  4. Sprinkle with the right amount of salt and ground black pepper. The amount of salt is placed on the chicken skin and the vegetables can be less. The total amount of salt is more because the chicken legs are not marinated.

  5. Top with olive oil and massage the surface of the chicken skin slightly. After roasting, there will be a golden color.

  6. The oven is baked at 175 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes.

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