Recipe: Tomato, loofah, scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato, loofah, scrambled eggs


Quick hand dish ~ Bento dish ~ Super food ~ ~ Still very nutritious ~ ~ When I was a child, I said that I would eat tomato scrambled eggs soon~ Haha~ It is very nutritious~~



  1. Loofah scraped off the skin

  2. Tomatoes cut into pieces, eggs are scattered, spare

  3. After the hot oil in the pot, put it into the egg and fry it.

  4. In addition, put the chopped green onion in the pan, sprinkle with the spiced powder, add the appropriate amount of tomato sauce and stir fry

  5. Add tomatoes and loofah Add some soy sauce and stir fry

  6. After the loofah is fried, put it in the egg. Sprinkle the chicken and stir well.

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