Recipe: Tomato fillet shahe powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato fillet shahe powder


Cantonese people generally like to eat river powder! And I am a person who doesn't want to eat every day. Every food that Hefen does is loved. . .



  1. Boiled boiled river meal

  2. The river powder does not need to be cooked for too long. It is too bad and easy to break for a long time. After it is cooked, it is put into a bowl. The remaining water can be used to boil the vegetables and then placed on the river powder.

  3. The meat pieces are cut into the taste beforehand. After the fire is hot, put the pieces of meat directly into the pot and spread the lid. Do not fry, and the fire will turn into a small fire. Open the lid in a minute or so and turn it over and put it on the surface of the river powder.

  4. Open another small pot to boil water, then put the cut tomato into boiling water, cook until it is completely rotten, then clip out the skin and slowly pour the tomato soup into the river powder.


I didn't put salt. Except for the salt in the cured meat, there was no salt in everything else, because I felt that the soup was just enough to taste after the meat was neutralized. This is a person's weight! If you have more than one person, you can depend on the size of the tomato. The cost of ingredients is only used for three yuan. . . I like to fry with my shoulders and cheeks. I don't think it would be old. . . . .

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