Recipe: Tomato egg noodle soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato egg noodle soup



  1. Wash the tomatoes and cut into small pieces; the eggs are broken into the bowl and beaten into egg liquid; the parsley and shallots are washed and chopped.

  2. Put the flour into a large bowl, slowly add a proper amount of water, stir it with a chopstick to make a uniform small bowl.

  3. Pour a little oil into the pot and heat it. Add the tomato pieces and stir-fry the broth. Add in water and boil. Pour the noodles into the pot and stir them. Boil for 3 minutes on medium heat until cooked. core

  4. Pour in the egg mixture and stir again. After the fire, add salt and sesame oil and mix well. Finally, sprinkle with parsley and chopped green onion.


When mixing the noodles, do not pour too much water at a time, so as not to form a large amount of dough, it is best to add slowly, while adding a side to quickly stir, forming a small uniform facial enamel as well. Other vegetables can also be added according to taste. The taste of the noodles is moderate and soft, which is very suitable for the baby to eat.

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