Recipe: Tomato egg fried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato egg fried noodles



  1. The eggs are broken up, the oil is heated in a pan, and the egg liquid is poured. After the egg is formed, the eggs are quickly stir-fried for a few times.

  2. Cut the tomatoes, stir fry the oil left in the fried egg, add some vinegar and add some sugar and add some salt. (If you don't like sweet and sour, you can also add sweet and sour.) Stir fry, add some water to make the tomato soft, and put the tomato juice. Cook it out. Out of the pot for use.

  3. The noodles are hot, the pan is cold, and then drained. Sauce the noodles under the pot

  4. Put in eggs, tomatoes, stir fry a few times. Salty and light according to personal taste, to work.

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