Recipe: Tomato duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato duck



  1. Wash the duck meat, drain it, and dissolve it into small pieces of about three centimeters. Marinate for 10 minutes with a proper amount of cooking wine (or ginger) and salt.

  2. Wash the tomatoes, drain the water, cut into small pieces of about one centimeter, and set aside. Scallions are chopped, or parsley is chopped for later use.

  3. Fire, add four or two rapeseed oil in the pot, add the marinated duck meat until the oil temperature reaches 70%. The small fire will fry the duck to seven mature. In this process, a small amount of soy sauce can be added and stir-fried evenly. Avoid scorching during duck frying.

  4. Add the prepared tomato granules, stir fry evenly, simmer until the tomato juice, and the duck is fully cooked.

  5. Add the appropriate amount of MSG before the pot, add the spare onion pieces. Note that if you choose cilantro, you can garnish it after the pot.

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