Recipe: Tomato crab meat dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato crab meat dish


Summer is here, eat more vegetables, especially vegetables like tomatoes, high in vitamins, delicious and healthy, just right, the company's colleagues just brought me some crab meat from Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs from the Su Crab Farm breeding base. I have pondered a delicious dish of crab meat made from tomato and crab meat. Very delicious~ Well, not much nonsense, let's teach you how to do it.



  1. After the stalked tomato is washed, cut the part of the stalk first. When the lid, the tomato digs the inside of the pulp, first put it in the oven and bake it slightly, then cover the stalked tomato lid and then bake it together; Just a little roasting is a bit soft, don't bake the skin black)

  2. The crab meat is chopped by hand, the onion is cut into small pieces, and the sour beans are chopped for use;

  3. Add the appropriate amount of olive oil after the hot pot, first fry the onion, then add the crab meat, add a little rum stir fry, and finally add the sour bean and dried parsley and stir fry, turn the cheese into the cheese after the fire is turned off;

  4. Fill the 3 fillings into small tomatoes and cover them with a tomato lid.


This tomato crab meat dish combines the sourness of tomato and the tenderness of crab meat. It is delicious, and it is not only delicious, but also very nice in shape. Whether it is a friend or a taste of yourself, this dish can satisfy you.

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