Recipe: Tomato chicken breasts - essential for fat reduction! !

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato chicken breasts - essential for fat reduction! !


Yesterday I made the tomato ruined~ So today I am going to get back to the scene! I am basically cooking at least two kinds of vegetables! Don't ask why? Fear of loneliness! !



  1. Clean the chicken breast, cut into diced salt, starch, a little oil and mix well for a while~

  2. Cut the tomato into small pieces and beat it with a cooking machine (not too broken, no taste) and then cut the onion

  3. Put the oil in the hot pot, let the oil heat up, and then fry the chicken breast until it is cooked.

  4. Stir the onion until it is fragrant. Put in the broken tomato and cook until it rolls over. Add the tomato sauce (see you)

  5. Cook for a while and then add the chicken breasts and stir fry to see the actual situation and add some salt and oyster sauce! Add starch and boil until the soup is slightly thick.


How to stir up tender and smooth dripping chicken breasts, I am less oil stir fry and then add a little bit of water, then stir fry a few times, add up ~ do not fry too long, are a few fry (really a few) can It is. Onion I am used to frying a little bit of coke (may not let go, see your preference) Tomatoes suggest breaking a bit better (don't beat it ~), in my failed tomato experience

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