Recipe: Tomato burdock soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato burdock soup


It’s super happy to eat tomato sirloin in winter~ This time it’s not made in a common saucepan. It saves a lot of time with the pressure cooker.



  1. Wash the burdock and cut the 3cm piece. Pour the warm water into the pot and bring it to the sirloin. Boil and rinse with warm water. The tomato was chopped with a knife and cut into pieces.

  2. Pour the processed burdock into the pressure cooker and add soy sauce, salt, soy sauce and ginger. Pouring water, the height is as long as a middle finger.

  3. After the fire of the pressure cooker boils, turn to a small fire. After pressing for 20 minutes, wait for the gas to drain yourself. Pour the tomato and press for another 10 minutes. (I was lazy and just poured the tomato directly for 30 minutes, so that the tomato looks less)

  4. After 30 minutes, you can poke the burdock after you have finished it. If you feel bad enough, you can eat it directly. If you feel bad enough, you can press it again.


1, remember to avoid sirloin, must be washed with warm water, do not need warm water to also let the beef that has not been treated naturally cool down, otherwise the meat is easy to fire. 2, I like to eat tomatoes, so put 4, generally put 3 is enough. 3, the amount of water depends on whether you want to do more soup or thicker points, unlike soup, put less water.

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