Recipe: Tomato burdock

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato burdock


Don't say authentic is not authentic, I just eat delicious! I always wanted to eat tomato sirloin that I sold outside. As for the small home cooking restaurant, the alcohol stove has been burning, I don’t know how much additive is put in but I still love this tomato sirloin. I have to say that I have done it many times before, or if the tomato is not rich (may be called beef stew), or if the beef is not rich (may be called borscht), it is not always the tomato sir I want. Maybe you say that I add The Jiale Chong Tangbao is not healthy enough. I can still accept it because I don’t know what chemical is added outside. It is easy to operate and tastes good. The burdock uses the glutinous brain, which is the gluten, and the meat is wrapped in two layers of muscles. This kind of meat can make the fragrant potatoes can be placed without the soup. It will be thick. I think that the white fat paper should not eat meat. Adding such a fragrant potato, Hee Hee will also eat two. But who knows that these two little masters have meat and will never eat anything else.



  1. Peeled tomatoes: Wash the tomatoes cleanly. Use a knife to gently cross the cross and then boil the water in a small pot. Turn off the tomatoes and put the tomatoes head down. Put them in the pot and boil them. It’s easy to remove the tomatoes for a few minutes.

  2. A tomato cut hob block is placed in a bowl and another tomato is cut into small pieces to cut a piece of ginger. A proper amount of onion. A small potato is prepared. The hob is cut not to be large (chestnut size).

  3. Stir-fried tomatoes: hot oil in the pot, hot scallion, ginger, put tomatoes, stir-fry in a small fire, spare

  4. The burdock cuts two centimeters square and the pure ribs can be cut and then small in the clear water. The blood blisters come out and pour out the water again until the water is clear.

  5. The beef and water in the pressure cooker are about 2cm higher than the meat.

  6. When the fire is about to boil, the blood is kept boiling. Keep it boiling for a few times. Let's leave the original soup (you can also put the oil-absorbing paper on the soup).

  7. Put the fried tomato in step 3 and the tomato sauce (paste) to prepare a seasoning package: put the onion, ginger, pepper, aniseed, grass fruit, cumin, cinnamon must be less or may wish, the cardamom and so on in the soup and then release Cook and cook. . .

  8. I just boiled and waited for the spice to cook. I tasted the soup salt and didn't put enough salt. I felt that the salty taste of the soup was just right, and I felt that the beef was not enough. I put a piece of beef flavored soup.

  9. Pressurize the pressure cooker for ten minutes. Put the cold water in the bowl and rinse the lid. In less than a minute, you can hear the sound of the valve. Then you can turn off the water and open the lid.

  10. Put the hob tomato pieces and the hob potatoes prepared before the pressure cooker and press the pressure cooker for more than 20 minutes, then put the cold water in the dish and wash the lid. Wait for the valve to be out of gas and then open the lid.

  11. Try the taste, the soup should be too much, and then open the lid to collect the juice. At this time, the beef is soft and rotten. The tendons are very smooth and tender. The potato is soft and the soup is rich.


Why does the soup feel salty and suitable, but also put the soup in the soup because the soup of the stew is not enough. The meat is definitely not tasteful. The potato is too big to taste. This soup can be put in the pot in advance to make other dishes, etc. More fragrant under the heat

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