Recipe: Tomato burdock

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato burdock



  1. The burdock flying water (when you eat it yourself, in order to have the satisfaction of 'big mouthful of meat', the meat is directly used in large pieces)

  2. 2 slices of onion (not too broken), celery cut, carrot cut

  3. One soup pot, put the burdock and (2) ingredients, add water, no food, add canned tomato (I think it tastes better than ketchup)

  4. Boil the fire, add a few drops of white vinegar, add cooking wine, salt seasoning

  5. Don't have too much salt, the slight taste can show the taste of food)

  6. Cook over low heat until the meat is soft and add in the chopped potatoes.

  7. 6) Cut the fresh tomatoes into large pieces, slice the onions, put them in the soup, and boil them to serve.

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