Recipe: Tomato boiled egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato boiled egg


I have been eating boiled eggs from small to large, without adding a little bit of water. My husband and three children can eat a bowl every time.



  1. First, soak the tomato and wash it.

  2. A little oil in the cold pot, five points of heat can be used to go in and stir fry a few times.

  3. Beat the egg, try to hit the middle of the tomato, be careful not to stir it, add sugar, and turn to a small fire.

  4. Cook for a few minutes, open the lid and see if the egg begins to solidify. Stir fry with a spatula and continue to cover the lid.

  5. Finally, the egg can be cooked in the pan.


At first, I didn't smash the eggs in order to make the eggs taste good. The slow fire and the lid were used to better preserve the original juice of the tomatoes.

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