Recipe: Tomato boiled abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato boiled abalone


I can't afford to eat abalone, so I occasionally buy a few cheap fresh abalones to fight for a tooth festival (* ́▽`*) There are also many practices for fresh abalone. The more common ones are braised and steamed. But today we have to make a version with dishes and meat (.)! I am doing a basic version today, and I have a lot of soup. I can eat tomato and vegetables while eating delicious abalone(^o^)/ By the way, this abalone version of the abalone is more varied. My family usually puts oatmeal or puts other seafood or fish or cabbage into a stew. look! The civilian tomatoes and the abalones of the nobility (not) are also very good! Finally, I bought fresh abalone in the vegetable market in the alley. This one is small, 5 yuan. Of course, there are more than a dozen pieces, and the taste is better (* ́▽`*) I am doing it for my family, three people.



  1. Put the abalone in the water for half an hour, then wash it with the shell (use a kitchen toothbrush if it is not clean), use a knife to pry off the abalone meat, and cut off the black viscera. Finally, clean the prepared abalone meat. Cut the cross on the back for easy access.

  2. Heat the hot oil and put down the ginger slices.

  3. Stir the abalone in the pan for 2 minutes. After the juice is added, add some abalone and cooking wine to the seasoning. Cover the lid for 2 minutes. After simmering, even the soup is served together.

  4. Hot pot hot oil, put the diced tomato into the fire, stir fry until the juice (can be fried with a spatula while frying).

  5. After the tomato juice becomes soft, pour the appropriate amount of water, season with tomato sauce, and adjust the sweetness with salt and sugar.

  6. Return the abalone and broth back to the pan, and then simmer for 1 minute to adjust the consistency to the pan.


1, fresh abalone will have astringency, please use ginger and abalone (or oyster sauce) to remove. 2, fresh abalone has no special taste, it is all brought out by ginger abalone juice and tomato. 3, change version: add oatmeal into "orange sauce oats boiled fresh abalone";  Add butter, Chinese cabbage, etc. into "tomato avocado stew."  Add other seafood, fish, shellfish, etc. into "tomato boiled seafood".  Add the fried rice and turn it into "tomato abalone risotto."  ......

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