Recipe: Tomato black fish tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato black fish tofu soup



  1. Black fish go to scales to remove the viscera, wash, drain, cut into thin slices

  2. Marinated fish fillets with cooking wine, salt and pepper

  3. Tofu cut mahjong block, soaked in hot water with added salt

  4. Tomato diced

  5. From the pan, sautéed minced garlic and ginger

  6. Stir in the tomato fire and smash the tomatoes as much as possible with a shovel

  7. Add hot water to boil

  8. Fish fillet in hot water, fish in tomato soup, and at the same time into the tofu, boil over the fire

  9. Continue to cook for 5 minutes, add cooking wine, salt, sugar, white pepper and salt to taste

  10. Add MSG, chopped green onion and parsley before the pan


1, to choose cooked tomatoes, such a tomato juice, color, taste enough (careful can remove the tomato skin in advance); 2, tomatoes in the scented oil pan to be fried for a while, the red oil will be sufficient, the tomato flavor will be thick and pure; 3, tofu in advance with hot salt water soaked, can effectively remove the taste of soybean meal; 4, too much mucus on the surface of the black fish, simmer with hot water before the pot, can effectively remove the muddy smell, you can also add another oil pan, first black fish to the yellow, and then into the soup pot, but pay attention to whether it is If you have a good fish or a fried fish, you should directly fish it into the boiled tomato soup; 5, sugar and white pepper is essential, sugar can be fresh, and can neutralize the sour taste of tomatoes, pepper can be effective to enhance the flavor.

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