Recipe: Tomato Beef Udon Noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato Beef Udon Noodles


Sweet kitchen: Tonight is still a dinner for one person. Suddenly miss the pot noodles of Wujiang Road. The tomato beef udon is delicious! Later, I slowly got to the point that I wanted to do it myself. I went to the supermarket and bought the burdock, tomato, and udon. Ok, Action! After the beef is drowned, the ginger and garlic bean paste is musk, add the sugar soy sauce and fry the beef, add water and cook; The tomato is so bad that you can add the cooked udon and you're done! Unable to describe the delicious!



  1. The beef is drowned and washed.

  2. Put a little oil, add ginger and garlic bean paste, stir fry until the beef, and put the wine. This will be so good, but vegetarian, everyone notices that this process is a little splashed because of the presence of bean paste, pay attention to safety. Stir fry for a while, according to the taste and weight, you can add a little soy sauce, sweet with a soy sauce, the color is heavier. Add water to submerge the beef and cook over low heat. The amount of water can be adjusted according to the amount of food eaten. Like sweet yesterday, it was done for 4 people. It is said that it is so much.

  3. At the same time as the yak meat, you can add another pot, udon into the boiling water, usually 2 to 3 minutes, you can pick up the spare. Udon is still good, you can QQ teeth, sweet is a cold water. I have to watch the New Asia Dongfeng cooking program one night, professionally, I have to go through the ice water, sweat, and open the store someday, then it’s good, oh!

  4. A little oil, stir-fry in tomato, because of the nutrients such as tomato lycopene, it will release better if it is hot or oily. Sweet likes to be smashed to the rotten, yesterday was not bad enough. When the speculation is almost finished, put the stuffy beef, soup, and put it in Udon. This time, you can adjust the amount of water. It’s good to boil!

  5. Before the boring beef soup, filter out the slag heads of those ginger, garlic, and bean paste, put the glassware on the cooler, wait for the food, and take it out, cook it for udon. Lazy and sweet, share it with everyone.


1. Choosing Udon is because sweet usually likes pasta, but there is a problem with noodles. It will be endless for a while, and it will definitely rise and you can't continue to eat. Udon is not going to rise, sweet has been tested, even if it is put overnight, it is still like QQ, the soup is soup, the face is still the same. (I bought it in Korea yesterday, the amount of 210 grams a pack, remember to be 5 yuan) 2. The burdock needs to be cooked for a long time. Generally speaking, it takes one hour to one and a half hours. When you want to eat, you will die. With the burdock, it is so cooked, so the lazy sweet uses the burdock. Yesterday, the amount was a box of supermarkets (my box is 18 yuan), basically a four-person, no problem, and it belongs to a lot of beef. 3. When I was eating, I realized that this ingredient is quite critical. I used the Pixian bean paste, not spicy or salty, just right. Because sweet winter likes to eat Babao spicy sauce, it has improved the tradition of sweet dad with sweet noodle sauce, because it is more salty. However, I think this can be based on personal preference. I used stock in the refrigerator yesterday and I used it.

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