Recipe: Tomato beef rib soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato beef rib soup


Tomatoes are among the fruits of the fruit and the darling of the vegetable world. They are raw and have a sweet and sour taste. They are more effective in making soups. It is a great combination of beef and ribs. The beef is rich in iron. When it comes to tomato, it can better promote the absorption of iron in beef and effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia. When cooking, there are many oils on the ribs. After heating, the oil and meat are dissolved into one, the juice is delicious, and the sweet and sour taste of the tomato instantly wakes up lazyness~^o^~! ~ (Use pot: Yangfeng double-layer pottery pot; cooking time: 60min; number of people: 6)



  1. The ribs are cut into pieces and kept hot.

  2. The onion is cut in half, tomatoes and apples are cut into pieces.

  3. Put the prepared beef ribs, onions, tomatoes and apples, add pepper, ginger, water (to cover the material), and then add all the seasonings.

  4. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for 20 minutes, then add red and white radish, cook for another 10 minutes, turn off the heat for 10 minutes, add some chopped green onion.


Beef ribs are part of the gluten and fat, which takes a long time to cook. Cooked in a double-layered pottery pot, it retains its original flavor. Thanks to its unique double-layer lid design, it can increase the pressure in the pot and shorten the cooking time, allowing you to feel the strong beef and soft tomato strip in a short period of time. The energy is unlimited.

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