Recipe: Tomato beef noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato beef noodle


A family of three, the two picky food, had to open a small stove from time to time ... one loves to cook, one loves pasta, stewed a pot of soup, the problem is solved ^_^



  1. Steak the steak, wash it, wash it with water and wash it with warm water.

  2. When the steaks boil water, burning a casserole water, add ginger, soy sauce.

  3. Peel the white radish, cut the chunks with a hob, and boil in a casserole with the hot steak. Cook for 1.5 hours on low heat.

  4. Cut the tomatoes into cubes and stir-fry them into the pan. Add the stewed steak soup and cook for a while until the tomatoes are cooked.

  5. Put in the noodles, cook for about 3 minutes, add the stewed steak, white radish, and sprinkle with green onions. Began to eat.


The raw oil has a salty taste, and the noodles will spit out a salty taste, so there is no need to season. It can also be added or subtracted according to personal taste.

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