Recipe: Tomato Beef Mushroom Risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato Beef Mushroom Risotto


Very delicious risotto ~ there will be a very wonderful scent in the process of cooking, sour and sweet taste, because the addition of balsamic vinegar is more mellow, you can eat half a bowl of momentum in one breath! ! ! You can also use a rice cooker to do it (see tips) P.S The fire in the United States is smaller than that in China. The fire is equivalent to a medium fire. Please pay attention to the size of the fire when you do it.



  1. Stir-fry the onions and garlic over medium heat until they are soft and pour out.

  2. Put the beef ground meat into a stir-fry until the color changes

  3. The tomato is diced and added to the pot with the first part of the material. Cook until the juice comes out and turn to medium heat.

  4. Add rice and mix well with the ingredients, add water that has not been used, and cook over low heat.

  5. Add some coriander after 5 minutes.

  6. Add salt, black pepper and sugar in five minutes.

  7. In another five minutes, add a little balsamic vinegar and the remaining parsley. Finish.


If you use a rice cooker, stir all the ingredients into the rice cooker and press the cooking button.

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