Recipe: Tomato baked green mussels (mussels)

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato baked green mussels (mussels)


It tastes fresh and delicious. After eating it, it doesn't work hard. I eat all the remaining residue on my fingers. -



  1. The green mouth is washed, the broken shell is thrown away, and it is processed into a half shell.

  2. Preheating oven 200 degrees

  3. Cut the tomato into small

  4. Put the green plate on the baking pan, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, paprika, scallions, each drop of lemon juice, and finally put the tomato

  5. Enter the oven and set it for 5 minutes.


When washing the green mouth, you can leave a little water in the shell, so that there will be fresh soup when baked.

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