Recipe: Tomato Bailing Mushroom Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato Bailing Mushroom Soup



  1. The western red clam is boiled with boiling water, peeled and cut into pieces.

  2. Washing slice of Bailing mushroom

  3. Heat the oil in a hot pot, add the red scallions, add some salt, stir-fry the broth, then add the mushroom slices, pour the appropriate amount of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, and drip a few drops of sesame oil.


I always think that the vegetable that is most likely to produce a "fresh" feeling is Xihong, so when I make soup, I often use Xihong to make a base. The soup will not be as light as boiled water. With this soup base, whether it is the following strips or boiled noodles or cat ears, it is very delicious. Another very delicious food is mushrooms. I remember once I heard a food expert on the radio saying that the mushrooms should be lighter to eat the umami. If it is made of spicy or fried, it will be too bad. The stupid bird is deeply convinced that it is a good taste of the tomato white mushroom soup. It tastes fresh and fresh. If you add some peas or chicken feathers, it is perfect. Unfortunately, there is no home.

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