Recipe: Tomato Bacon Pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato Bacon Pasta



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato cut small hob block

    Tomato cut small hob block

  2. When the water in the pot is opened, cook the pasta, put a spoonful of salt, and watch the time. About 8 minutes, the pasta is usually cooked for a few minutes.

  3. Hot butter in a pan fried bacon

  4. When the bacon is almost the same, put the tomato, pour the right amount of water, and boil the sauce.

  5. Add the fragrant flavor to the ketchup and mix well.

  6. At this point, the pasta is cooked, remove it, mix well with olive oil.

  7. Pour the sauce on the pasta

  8. Cut three thin slices of cucumber, cut out the shape and place it on top

  9. Began to eat

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