Recipe: Tomato and potato soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato and potato soup


You can drink soup in the middle of the night! Warm up and get hungry!



  1. Washed diced potatoes and tomatoes

  2. Cut chopped green onion and ginger, ginger is thinner

  3. Pour a little oil in the pot, scallions ginger

  4. Let the vegetables simmer in the fire for five minutes, don't forget to put salt and black pepper. Just taste the salt.

  5. Add water, the ratio of water to vegetables is 2.5:1.

  6. Small fire soup, often stirred. If you like to eat blocky potatoes, you can ignore this step. If you like thick taste, you can try to mash the potatoes. Turn off the fire when you have enough soup left in the pot.


If you want to cook faster, the vegetables can be cut as small as possible. In order to reduce the burden on the body, the soup should have less oil, less salt, no sugar and no MSG. In fact, the tomatoes themselves are already very delicious. If you like a little bit of taste, you can add more tomatoes. If you are not afraid of fat, you can add a small piece of curry.

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