Recipe: Tomato and egg noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato and egg noodles


Tomato scrambled eggs, this most common home cooking is always given a lot of meaning. The days of the little couple are really a bit of tomato scrambled eggs, it is a simple and not boring, glamorous and not flashy symbol. Oh, the feeling of homely and warm, always seems so intimate.



  1. Wash the tomatoes and put them in the boiling water for a while. Remove and peel, cut into cubes

  2. Eggs are scattered

  3. Put up the oil pan, pour in the egg liquid, and stir it up.

  4. Keep the base oil, the onion and garlic

  5. Put in tomato and stir fry, add some sugar

  6. Pour in the right amount of boiling water

  7. Season with salt, add the fried egg when the tomato is thick, stir until evenly

  8. Cooking noodles

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