Recipe: Tomato and egg mixed soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tomato and egg mixed soup


"Mixed soup", also known as soup, is a staple food popular in northern China. The ingredients are diverse, well-organized and nutritious. Speaking of this soup, the selection of materials is extremely simple, that is, a bowl of white noodles, but loved by men, women and children! Every place has a similar name, and the practice has its own merits. It is thin, thick, and scorpion-like. But when it comes to the importance of "mixing soup", I don't think it is Shanxi. This soup is not only a classic cuisine of everyday life in Shanxi, but also inherited and preserved by Shanxi people as a custom. After watching the TV series "Qiao Family Courtyard", I must remember that when Joe Zhiyong and Lu Yuxi were in the room, the pearl came to the soup and smiled: "Grandpa, Miss, please drink and mix the soup, and later the grandchildren will be full of good luck." "This scene?" Yes, this is the Taiyuan and Jinzhong areas in Shanxi. The bride and groom’s bridal chamber must be mixed with the soup (also called “Heqi Mixing Soup”). When drinking, while stirring the soup, while chanting “left hand mixing, children one No, the boy will study, and the prostitute will spin the flowers. "The meaning of "family harmony, qi and wealth, and people prosperous" means.



  1. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces with a knife

  2. Put the oil in the pot, burn it to 70% heat, add the chopped green onion

  3. Put in the tomato pieces, stir fry for 1 minute, pour a little Shanxi vinegar along the pot and fry until the tomatoes are red.

  4. Add about 500ml of water and boil over high heat.

  5. The process of boiling water should start to mix (this is suitable for novices and is good for water control)

  6. Put the right amount of flour in the plastic pot

  7. Use a spoonful of spoonful of cold water and spread evenly into the flour.

  8. Tilt the chopsticks at a 45-degree angle, use small chopsticks to move on the flour, and squat back and forth in one direction.

  9. When the flour is mixed with water, it forms numerous irregular small pieces of floc

  10. Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9 about 2 to 3 times until all the flour forms irregular small pieces of floccules, and do not stick to chopsticks, do not stick to the bottom of the basin, do not stick to each other, and keep some powder so that the flour is Mixed

  11. So that the flour is mixed, and the soup is clear after the preparation.

  12. After the flour is mixed, the water is also opened, so it’s time to go.

  13. Hold the basin on the left hand, hold the chopsticks in the right hand, use the chopsticks to pick some noodles into the pot, and use the chopsticks to quickly spread the face.

  14. Repeat step 13 several times until all the dough is placed in the pot.

  15. After boiling the pot again, pour the eggs into the pot.

  16. Add salt, chicken, and spiced powder, and sprinkle with parsley.


[mixing points]: To say that this is mixed, Shanxi people are very particular about mixing, and the learning is big. 1. First of all, the choice of basin, it is best to choose plastic basin. Because the plastic pot is not easy to stick to the bottom, it is good for the movement of flour. 2. Adding water is also a very important study, which is related to the clarity of the last soup. 3. I like to eat thick soup. When the water drops into the basin, I use the chopsticks to draw back and forth like a circle. Most of the leaves in the basin become small, like green beans, so large and with some powder. . 4. Like the soup clear, when the water drops into the basin, the chopsticks should always squat back and forth in one direction. All the flours form irregular small pieces of floc, with a little powder. 5. Regardless of the method of 3 and 4, the shape of the scorpion and the flakes should be ensured that the chopsticks are not sticky, the bottom of the pelvis is not adhered, and they are not adhered to each other. Keep some powder so that the flour is mixed. 6. Let's say that this "mixing" must not be like a dough. After adding water, it will stir back and forth. Instead, add water, tilt the chopsticks to a 45-degree angle, use chopsticks to move slightly on the flour, and choose the right method to knead the flour according to whether the soup is clear or not. [The following points]: 1. When you are under the pot, do not pour all the dough into the pot. Instead, I have to go down the soup in a little bit. Hold the basin on the left hand, hold the chopsticks in the right hand, use the chopsticks to pick some noodles into the pot, and use the chopsticks to quickly spread the face. 2. Mix the soup for a long time. The cooking time is long, and the soup is soft and collapsed. 3. The most important and most important seasoning of this soup is the spiced powder. It can be added a little more properly, which is easy to stimulate the taste of the soup. 4. The choice of seasonings, I think it is best not to add soy sauce. After adding soy sauce, the taste changed the unique taste of the tomato. However, each person's taste is different, and the choice of seasoning varies from person to person. 1. When frying tomatoes, adding a little vinegar can not only destroy the harmful substance tomato in the tomato, but also help the body absorb the nutrients of the tomato. This is because black vinegar or vinegar contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also rich amino acids. When tomato red silk meets acetic acid, it will not be broken down. The nutrients in tomatoes are more easily absorbed by the body. 2. This soup is rich in protein, carbohydrates, iron, etc. It tastes smooth and easy to digest. Therefore, it is suitable for all men, women and children. 3. This staple food is a very small piece of flakes. It can be said that it is an entrance, so it can also be used as a complementary food for infants over one year old. Shanxi people have grown up since they were young, and don't have to worry about taking children.

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